Light Up Ready Buttons

Student Contributor: S. Kendrick
This tool is a light up button that when pressed you can turn it on and off. This could be used in a group setting where each group gets a button that they will have to press to turn on when they are finished with their task or assignment. This could also be used in an individual setting where the students would press the button to light it up when to indicate that they are finished with their work.

The tool should be used in a way for students to indicate when they have completed a task or assignment that isn’t going to distract the rest of the class. One thing to keep in mind would be for the younger grades this could turn into a toy for them or a distraction since it is a button that turns on and off. The personal experience that I have had with something similar to this would be the silent thumbs. The idea with both, is that students are going to indicate that they are finished with a task in a quiet way so they they are not distracting others in order transition into the next task.

This tool was placed in the Supportive Phase because this is an area in which students would need the support of finishing a task and indicating they are finished with our distracting their peers that are also working. This would also be considered the Supportive Phase because it is a way that students could indicate when they need a help or have a question. The tool would fit in with the student centered and collaborative theories because if the buttons were used in a group setting, the whole group is going to have to be ready in order for them to turn on the button. If this were in an individual setting, this is where it would be more student directed in helping them transition into their next tasks.

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