The Kindness Secret Mission

Student Contributor: K. Cabiad
The Kindness Secret Mission is a tool that can teach students how to show random acts of kindness with nothing in return.

This tool can be used during any time of the year. It is a helpful tool to teach students kindness in a creative, fun, and out-of-the-box way. It is a top-secret mission that you give to each of your students in an envelope. This mission requires them to perform random acts of kindness to their classmates or their teacher. The reason this mission is secret is that they have to make sure that they perform these acts without the person knowing. At the end of the week, they get to see if they were successful or not in showing these acts of kindness in secret by sharing the acts of kindness that they want.

This tool is related to the supportive phase. The supportive phase happens during learning and where the management strategies are about helping students continue to make the prosocial choices needed for their own and their peers’ benefit. Showing others random acts of kindness for nothing in return is what this is all about. It teaches them that doing these things is important and can help them continue these acts of kindness even without the “secret mission” to do so. This tool also fits into the student-directed theory of influence. This tool is designed specifically to teach our students how to be better citizens who can participate actively and effectively in society. This teaches them that they are able to make their own decisions and teaches them that their actions can affect others.

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Tool Source: This idea came from my mentor teacher at Windsor Elementary.

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