Read Aloud

As a teacher, if there is an idea you want to expose your students to, a constant issue in the classroom you need to address, or even just to take a moment of time to have your students get a brain break, you can purposefully choose a book to read aloud to handle what you need to handle. This management tool is helpful because there are some issues or needs that your students will have that the words of a good book can touch their hearts closer than what your words can in some cases.

Outstanding You

An Outstanding You is given to students mostly by teachers for good behavior, doing great on an assignment, being helpful, or anything that ties back to the school motto of being Responsible, Respectful, and Safe. They can then be used in different ways depending on the teacher/classroom. These are helpful because students know the ways in order to earn them, so they want to be on their best behavior in order to gain an Outstanding You.