Busy Box

This tool is used to support students during learning. This old lunch box has a variety of different fidgets and brain flakes to help students focus, calm down, or reset. It is all inside a box that students can grab when needed and easily clean up when they are finished.

Expectation Letter

An expectation letter can be used to quietly signal to the class that it is time to be calm and focus on our work. Quickly pull up a document to type on and put it on the board screen share. Begin typing a list or short paragraph of what you need them to start on and students will alert others around the room and begin doing what is on the board.

Student Stick Drawing for Transitions

Student stick drawing for transitions is helpful to get students moving and wanting to follow expectations. When a transition is being set up and after students know what is expected of them quickly pull a stick and watch for student behaviors and celebrate the ones who are following expectations. This will provide students a good opportunity to see how transitions are supposed to work, and your class will begin to have quick transitions with this motivation.


Checking in with your students consistently after introducing a lesson to them can be extremely helpful in keeping students on track, accountable, and engaged. Students may be distracted or zoned out but by seeing where everyone is at and asking people to give examples, other students are forced to snap back into their learning.

Phone Storage

This is a wall organizer that is used for students to place their phones in during the school day. They can put them there by choice but mostly it is used after students are caught on their phones several times then it’s kept in the wall holder until the end of the day. It’s helpful in keeping the kids focused on their learning and prevents further distractions.