Roll a Brain Break

Student Contributor: S.Wilson
This Roll a Brain Break Activity gives you a range of activities for students to engage in to get their bodies moving and their brains re-engaged. You roll a 6-sided die and whatever number it lands on students have to correlate that number to the brain break with a similar number.

This tool is perfect when you or your students need a break from a lesson or lecture. When you or they get tired, antsy, or distracted, pull this activity out and give each other a break for a few minutes. All you have to do is t, roll the die, and complete the corresponding brain break activity. All activities can be picked by you, students, or both. This way students can be up and moving for a little bit to prevent boredom and to get them back on track with focusing. The purpose of brain breaks is movement so I suggest having students move for the brain breaks selected. Also, when selecting brain breaks try to keep them to a minimum of five or 6 and switch them out every couple of weeks.

The Roll a Brain Break tool falls under the supportive phase but also can work in the corrective phase. I would put this under the supportive phase because it gives students choice and freedom. I could also see this in the corrective phase because it could correct student behavior if they are off task. This tool is in the student/collaborative theory. This tool can have the brain breaks chosen by the students and the teacher. This can be used to work on class collaboration.

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