Light and Sound Buzzers

Student Contributor: S.Wilson
These buttons can be used for any class or group activity to increase student engagement. Also, it encourages participation and collaboration.

If you’re hoping to engage your students with a quiz game, it might be a good idea to look into purchasing a set of buzzers for your classroom or school. Like many a classroom prop, buzzers will pique your student’s interest and keep them entertained and involved during learning. Some things to keep in mind would be maybe finding a set that only makes one sound. Another would be to make clear expectations before using the buzzers to ensure safety and responsibility.

I believe the Light and Sound Buzzers belong in the supportive phase and the preventative phase. These buzzers give students a sense of responsibility and freedom when using them during activities. It keeps students engaged and intrigued to participate in classroom activities. This tool can be in the preventative phase because when teaching them to use the tool at the beginning of the year will prevent a lack of participation and collaboration later in the year.

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