Two Poems by Adrian C. Louis

Willow Springs 67

Found in Willow Springs 67

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Ghost Road



nowhere  &

her  not  here

& nothing but

a weird & weary

recitation of ever

changing  songs

to a whole brain

to a broken brain

to a dead brain

to a ghost brain.

In dreams I wait

for the  ghost  brain

to devour the broken

& become whole again.

I am no factotum of despair.

I do worship ancient hungers

& chins dribbling blood, but I

am so tired of the taste of my heart.



Sunset at the Indian Cemetary


Not one of the red seeds

planted will ever sprout.

Pray for them.


A chunk of yellow fat,

the winter sun is circled

by gaunt prairie crows.

Pray for the crows.


Pray into the lung-

shocking, cold wind

shrieking freakishly into

these boundless yucca hills.


Pray for all those who believe

our DNA  is forever tainted

by the cosmic, brilliant

truth that we have been

here forever, maybe longer.

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