Meet the Willow Springs Magazine Staff


Polly Buckingham 

Managing Editor


Forest Brown

Web Editor

Blair (Brittany) Jennings

Blair Jennings is a queer writer and designer, born and raised in Olympia, Washington. As a web manager, she moves information from the old site, changes and updates the new site, reaches out to our featured authors, and makes all new posts on the site. Blair enjoys writing queer protagonists in surreal, horror, or literary worlds. When she is not writing, reading, or taking care of her daughter and horse, she can be found creating art or playing story driven video games.

Fiction Editor

Jennifer Krasner

Jennifer Krasner is currently pursuing her MFA in fiction at EWU and is the fiction editor for Willow Springs. She is also a volunteer reader at New England Review and currently provides editorial support for a storytelling initiative at Refugee & Immigrant Connections Spokane. In her pre grad school life, Jennifer worked in health care IT management. Jennifer appreciates submissions to Willow Springs that feature a strong narrative voice, memorable characters, and innovative use of language. She welcomes the opportunity to read experimental, flash and translated stories.

Nonfiction Editor


Alisyn Waite

Poetry Editor

Oran Bordwell

Oran Bordwell is an autistic, gender-questioning poet who was born and raised in Spokane, Washington. While pursuing their MFA in poetry, Oran works as the poetry editor for Willow Springs, a responder at EWU’s Writers’ Center, and as a senior admissions consultant, SAT tutor, and editor for Ivy Admissions. They write mostly autobiographical and natural poems, but can appreciate works in all genres and aesthetics. In poetry submissions, Oran mostly seeks out works that have authentic, consistent speakers, utilize evocative, clear imagery, and render their narratives and/or emotions through unique and impactful language. Oran’s hobbies include listening to music, playing video games, and working.

Triceratops Program Manager


Kaci Webb

Social Media Editor

Morgan Henderson

Morgan Henderson is a gender fluid Buffalo New Yorker, living in the Pacific Northwest. They write about the moments in between moments and small conflicts that have large consequences. They work as a communications specialist GSA for EWU, a freelance writer, and an event manager for the city of Spokane. When they're not writing or working, they're hanging with their two birds, one tarantula, and many house plants. 
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