“Rapunzel w/ Head Half-Shaved” by Canese Jarboe

87 Front Cover

Found in Willow Springs 87

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Rapunzel w/ Head Half-Shaved

This peony too heavy to hold itself

  1. This great blue heron in slow-mo, opportunistic feeder. This rash. This calamine lotion. Be vibrating my skull. I am looking for sick fish. No,

algal bloom. There wasn't any juice in the fridge so I drank the cattle vaccine. Let me

come back as an orange flag marking a utility line or

a rain gauge. Let me come back as aluminum, tetanus, and Sure-Jell. I am listening for the last seal

to pop. Vacuum. Long-legged or nesting 100' above you.

This fiberglass insulation like pink

cotton candy. This angle. This respirator. I don't think you can hear me over the air compressor. At 10:04 p.m. National Weather Service Doppler Radar indicated a severe



capable of


                           an        interior room




            use blankets       or pillows




         your body

  , in the nearest ditch.

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