“Marksman” and “Anxiety” by Allan Peterson

87 Front Cover

Found in Willow Springs 87

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Whoa look at that A sweat bee big as a warbler

It could mean that the terror is true after all

and it’s all your fault Robert Oppenheimer

the animals are enlarging from radiation

But no it’s a trick of distance the bee is closer

and the warbler picks it off a crack shot




Anytime zeros line up the fear of round numbers

sweeps Europe and America you remember America

but it’s not threatening it’s like a speedometer you remember

speedometers and no a jellyfish trailing its tentacles

is not coming apart things are just seeming inauspicious

perhaps final but after one rollover it will be like before

odd numbered lake surface of asterisks scattering moonlight

clouds of lovesick dance flies above envious aspens


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