Issue 93: Carol Potter

CW Potter

About Carol Potter

Carol Potter is the author of six books of poetry including What Happens Next is Anyone’s Guess, winner of the 2021 Pacific Coast Series in Poetry from Beyond Baroque, and a finalist for the 2022 Vermont Book Award. Her fifth book, Some Slow Bees won the 2015 FIELD Poetry Prize from Oberlin College Press. She has published in numerous journals including The American Poetry Review, Field, The Massachusetts Review, Sinister Wisdom, and Poetry Magazine. She has work forthcoming in Plume. And on a final note, she grew up on a farm in Northwestern Connecticut where no glass eggs were used, no snakes were killed, and the chickens roamed freely as did the children (after the shores were done.) Potter lives in Vermont and teaches for the Antioch University MFA Low-Residency program in Los Angeles.

You can view her website here.

A Profile of the Author

Notes on “Good God Damn”

The poem started out on a fall day in the early dark, two men shouting, cursing under the truck, and the pup wide eyed once more trying to figure out what the hell species it was that he was leashed to. All he could see of the man were some feet sticking out in the wet cold—furious, out of luck, deep inside the rusted machine. And that’s where we are sometimes.

Notes on “Glass Eggs or They Eat Just the Same As You”

Just two years ago, I learned about glass eggs and what they were used for. Having been the one in the family to wash and sort and package the eggs on my family’s farm, and after reading Ondaatje’s description of the cobras, and the ping pong balls, I went for it. But above it all, in it all, there’s that dream, hope, desire for some potion, some word, some something to just put it all right once again. With gratitude, respect, awe to both the serpent and the egg.

Two Poems by Carol Potter

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