Complainant Rights


You have the right to...

  • Receive support from the University in obtaining counseling or other support, including access to Eastern Washington University Counseling and Wellness Services (CWS) who provides free confidential counseling for students
  • Know what the Respondent has said in response to the allegation against them.  You have a right to review any evidence obtained from the Respondent
  • Review the investigative report at the conclusion of the investigation.  You may be provided a copy of the investigative report or you may request a copy of the investigative report if it was not provided to you
  • Select a support person to be with you throughout the entire process.  The support person can be a friend, family member, attorney or advocate as long as they are not a person you would like to be interviewed as a witness
  • Be aided by the University, with supportive measures as appropriate, in obtaining a learning and working environment that is safe and secure
  • Be informed by University officials of options to contact proper law enforcement authorities, including University and local police, and the option to be assisted in contacting police by University Officials to file case or to respond to claims
  • Be informed by University officials of options to pursue a complaint through the University's investigatory and disciplinary process or to respond to complaints
  • Be informed of the nature, rules and procedures of the University's investigatory and disciplinary processes and to be provided copies of applicable university policies and procedures
  • Investigation and resolution of all credible complaints made in good faith to University officials
  • Be treated with respect by University officials throughout the process
  • Have an advisor present during investigative meetings and hearings consistent with WAC 172-121-105 if you are a student. If you do not have an advisor, the university will provide you with one.
  • Be free of retaliation
  • Request removal of any investigator or hearings examiner to be removed on the basis of bias and/or conflict of interest
  • Have the opportunity to participate in the process
  • Be informed of the outcome/resolution of the complaint, any sanctions imposed, and the rationale for outcome, when permissible
  • Appeal the findings and/or outcomes of any disciplinary proceedings pursuant to the Student Conduct Code when respondent is a student, and pursuant to applicable CBA provisions when the respondent is an employee

Supportive Measures

Once you report an incident of sexual misconduct, you have the right to receive immediate supportive measures.  The supportive measures can include academic modifications (request a class change, request a make-up assignment, request an excused absence), housing modifications (request dorm change), requesting a no contact order preventing the Respondent from contacting you.

Right to a Fair, Impartial and Prompt Investigation

You have the right to have a fair and impartial investigation free from bias.  An investigator / conduct officer will be assigned to investigate / manage your complaint.  The investigator / conduct officer will ensure you are provided equal and unbias treatment throughout the process.  The investigation should be prompt and conducted in compliance with policy.

Non-Student / Non-Employee