Pregnancy and Parenting

EWU is committed to supporting its students and employees during pregnancy, the birth of a child, adoption of a child, and/or placement of a foster child. In accordance with Title IX, EWU does not discriminate on the basis of pregnancy or related conditions, familial status, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, or recovery from pregnancy.

If I need a modification due to pregnancy or a related condition, where should I go?

If you are an EWU student and you are pregnant, you can request reasonable modification from Student Accommodations & Support Services ( or 509-359-6871) or the Title IX Coordinator ( or 509-359-6724). Modifications may include adjustments such as larger desks, more frequent breaks, modifications of no foot or drink policies, or lifting restrictions. If you are an EWU employee, including a student employee, please review chapter 4 of EWU Policy 402-05 (Pregnancy & Parental Leave) for options that may be available for you.

What if I need to take a leave of absence as a student due to pregnancy/birth of a child?

Students are encouraged to work with SASS and their faculty to devise a plan for how best to address the need for leave. The Title IX Coordinator is also available to assist in requesting and planning for an absence.

In accordance with Title IX, EWU will grant a student a leave of absence for pregnancy/birth of a child for so long a time as it is deemed medically necessary by the student’s licensed health care provider. Students will need to make up the work that is missed while they are absent. To the extent possible, EWU will take reasonable steps to ensure pregnant students who take a leave of absence for pregnancy/birth of a child return to the same position of academic progress that they were in when they took leave.

In situations such as clinical rotations, performances, labs, and group work, EWU will work with the student to devise an alternative path to completion, if possible. In progressive curricular and/or cohort-model programs, EWU will work with a student to see if alternative arrangements can be made or will permit a student to join a subsequent cohort when returning from leave.

Are there any lactation/family nurturing rooms on campus?

EWU has several lactation/family nurturing rooms on campus that are available to students, employees, and visitors:

  • Pence Union Building (keys are available through the PUB Welcome Desk on the 2nd floor)
  • Patterson Hall L231B
  • Showalter Hall 202 (key is available from Human Resources, 314 Showalter Hall)
  • Williamson Hall 100A
  • JFK Library
  • Spokane WSU Campus- Academic Center 145B
  • Catalyst building group level

Employees may contact SASS or Human Resources to identify alternative private locations on campus that are not bathrooms if the locations above do not meet their needs.

May I breastfeed in public?

Yes. As a place of public accommodation, Washington law permits students and visitors to breastfeed in public.

Can I be excluded from classes are extracurricular activities?

Pregnant students are welcomed and encouraged to continue their studies and participate in university activities throughout their pregnancy. Under Title IX, you have the right to continue participating in classes and extracurricular activities even though you are pregnant.

What if I feel like I am being harassed or discriminated against because of pregnancy?

If you feel like a member of the EWU community is discriminating against you because of your pregnancy, please contact the Title IX Coordinator at or 509-359-6724.