Non-Confidential Support Services

On Campus

NOTE: The following resources are required to report all Title IX complaints to the Title IX Coordinator.

Student Accommodations and Support Services

Serve as student support to either Complainant or Respondent throughout the process and assist with understanding resources available.

P: 509.359.7924 | | 109 Hargreaves Hall | M-F: 8am – 5pm

Title IX Coordinator

Title IX Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all Title IX matters for EWU involving training, reporting, investigating and prevention efforts.  Title IX Coordinator will ensure all complaints are investigated neutrally and equitable for both involved individuals.

P: 509.359.6724 | | Tawanka 211 | M-F: 8am – 5pm

Dean of Students

Dean of Students is available to provide information about reporting options and resources on campus.

P: 509.359.7924 | | 301 Pence Union Building | M-F: 8am – 5pm

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Serve as a student support for helping Complainant or Respondent understand their rights under University conduct procedures.

P: 509.359.6960 | | 127 Showalter Hall | M-F: 8am – 5pm

Police Services

NOTE: You have the option to file both a criminal complaint and a Title IX complaint with EWU.

EWU Police Department

EWU PD is required to report any criminal complaints that are protected under Title IX to EWU’s Title IX Coordinator.

P: 509.359.7676 or 24-Hour Crisis: 9.1.1 | 820 Washington Street (EWU Red Barn) |

City of Cheney Police Department

P: 509.535.9233 or 24-Hour Crisis: 9.1.1 | 215 G Street |