Approved FY24 Order of Merit List (OML) and Accessions Dates Published

The FY24 Accessions Timeline has been released for Cadets that will be commissioning in the Fall 2023 and the Spring 2024 Semesters. Cadets in this accessions window will be the second cohort of Cadets to receive their branches through the Army’s new talent based branching process.

Before the OML score is was what largely determined what branch a Cadet received; with Talent Based Branching, Cadets will also have the opportunity to interview with the branches they are interested in.  The opportunity to interview each Cadet will allow the branches to learn more about each applicant to better inform branching decisions besides looking at an OML score.  After the interview process the branches will then rank order their Cadet preferences. The image below provides an example of how cadets are assessed according to their OML.