The EWU Recreation Experience Management Core Curriculum is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Related Professions (COAPRT).

Important Information Regarding Degree Mills:

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The Eastern Washington University Recreation Experience Management (REM) Degree includes four concentrations: Recreation and Tourism Management, Outdoor Recreation Leadership, Natural Resource Recreation, and Experiential Training and Development.  The EWU REM core curriculum is currently accredited through the Council on Accreditation of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Related Professions (COAPRT). This page will serve as a repository of REM Accreditation data and information.

The following links contain our annual accreditation reports from our current accreditation cycle (2015-2016 through 2021-2022):

2017 COAPRT Academic Annual Report

2018 COAPRT Academic Annual Report

2019 COAPRT Academic Annual Report

2020 COAPRT Academic Annual Report

2021 COAPRT Annual Report

2022 COAPRT Annual Report – Recreation and Leisure Services (AY 20-21)

2022 COAPRT Annual Report – Therapeutic Recreation (AY 20-21)

2023 COAPRT Annual Report – Recreation Experience Management (AY 21-22)

2024 COAPRT Annual Report – Recreation Experience Management (AY 22-23)

The following is an electronic version of the Recreation Experience Management Self-Study and links to documents and web pages that support the 2023 REM Self-Study from our previous COAPRT accreditation cycle.

EWU Organizational Charts

Leadership at EWU

EWU Strategic Planning

2.01     Mission, Vision, Values Statement

EWU Values, Mission and Vision

CHSPH Values, Mission and Vision

WAMS Mission, Vision, Values

RCLS Mission, Vision, and Values

2.01.02     RCLS Strategic Plan 2023

2.02     Course and Program Approval Committee (CPAC) Changes 2015-2022

2.05     Letter of Verification for Course and Program Assessment

2.05.04     RCLS Meeting Minutes

2.05.05     EWU Five Year Declared Major Report

Course Syllabi for Core Courses:

  • 7.01 a – RCLS 455: Industry Report
  • 7.01 b – RCLS 425: Survey Instrument
  • 7.01 c – RCLS 201: Take a Stand
  • 7.02 – RCLS 385: Small Group Portfolio
  • 7.03 – RCLS 470: Professional Interview
  • 7.04 – RCLS 495: Final Evaluation