Completing A Purchase Requisition

How to Complete a Hard Copy Purchase Requisition

A hard copy purchase requisition should only be submitted when an online Banner Purchase Requisition cannot be done. A purchase requisition is used by departments to request services, supplies and equipment from a vendor located off campus. If departments placed an order with their Pcard or if there is an existing Standing/Blanket Order, then please do not submit a hard copy or an online Banner purchase requisition.

  • Requisition Date & Requested  Delivery Date: The requisition date is when the requisition is created and requested delivery date is the date you need the product. Please do not use ASAP.
  • Ordering Department line: Provide your department name, delivery location, mail location (Example: WLM 311A/312 WLM), and phone number.
  • Line No: Each line item should be listed on the requisition. The purchase order must be itemized to match the vendor’s invoice. Use as many requisitions as necessary to list your items with shipping shown as a separate line item.
  • Item Description: Provide the details including the stock/part/model number, manufacturer, product name, packaging and general information. Attach supporting information, such as; a quote, maintenance agreement, copy of advertisement, order/membership/subscription form to your requisition.
  • Quantity (Qty): Number of units needed.
  • Unit: Unit is the Standard Unit of Measure, i.e. box, carton, bottle, each, hours. Please provide the correct units of measure, i.e. 10/box. The unit is box.
  • Unit Price: The individual price each unit of measure costs.
  • Estimated Total Price: Quantity times the unit price.
  • Vendor: Put the vendor’s name and mailing address in this block. A complete mailing address is required to generate a purchase order plus telephone and fax numbers, if known. Do not put the URL or email address in this section. The vendor that we are purchasing the merchandise from has to be the same as the vendor that will be doing the shipping and invoicing.
  • Tax: Enter the tax in the appropriate field on the requisition, underneath the subtotal. The tax has to be handled separately, so please do not include the tax in the cost of the merchandise.
  • FOAP Numbers: Please include all pertinent numbers in the provided fields. Splitting the dollar amounts of equipment and supplies between FOAPs is possible. List FOAP and associated dollar amounts in the appropriate section. If you have questions, please call Procurement and Contracts at 509.359.2253.
  • Requested by and Authorized Signatures: The name of person who will be using the merchandise is the requestor and the person who has budget authority is the “approved by” signature. As department budget personnel change, it is important to contact Procurement and Contracts and request a new signature card. Procurement and Contracts will accept any of the authorized signatures shown on the signature card.

Additional Considerations:

  • Duplicate Orders: If you fax a requisition then mail the original, or submit two originals, you will get two purchase orders, thus duplicating your order.
  • Payment: If a purchase order is not issued before receipt of the merchandise, the vendor has no guarantee of payment.
  • Competitive Solicitations: Items totaling over $10,000 are subject to the competitive quotation/bid process unless a state contract exists. Orders cannot be split to avoid the competitive process.
  • Sole Source: Sole Source purchases are those purchases over $10,000 which are clearly and legitimately limited to a single source of supply and involve special facilities, services, or market conditions per RCW 39.26.140. Source limitations within geographical areas do not constitute a sole source situation. Complete a Sole Source Justification Form and submit it along with your completed purchase requisition.
  • Decentralized Receiving for Cheney campus: List your preferred “ship to” address on your requisition. Because of unique situations, Procurement and Contracts may elect to have the merchandise shipped directly to the Receiving Warehouse. Merchandise for Spokane and other departments located outside of the Cheney campus will be sent directly to their locations. All merchandise or services ordered as a Regular Order or Quoted/Bid Order require receiving to be posted before payment can be made. If your order has been shipped direct to your department, you must call the Receiving Warehouse so that receiving can be posted.
  • Internal Communications to Procurement and Contracts: Procurement and Contracts can phone the department the purchase order number or arrange to hold the purchase order so that it can be picked up. On your requisition, indicate the following:
    • If department personnel will pick up the merchandise,
    • If you want to phone the order to the vendor, a copy of the purchase order will be mailed to the vendor confirming the order.
    • If the vendor will deliver the items or perform the services on site.
    • If you want a fax order
  • Routing: To save processing time, obtain any additional approvals before sending the completed requisition to Procurement and Contracts.
    • If it is a purchase from a Grant budget, Grants Accounting needs to sign for funds availability.
    • Requisitions for printing jobs need to be reviewed by MarCom 509.359.6336.
    • Requisitions that involve mailings and or postage need to be reviewed by Gary Winters or the designee located in 125 Tawanka Hall, 509.359.7993.
    • Requisitions for advertisements need to be reviewed by MarCom, 509.359.6336.
    • Requisitions requiring the purchase of items with our EWU logo need to be reviewed by MarCom, 509.359.6336. The companies doing the logo services need to be approved by LRG (Licensed Resource Group) as well. To verify a company go to LRG’s website,