Darlynne Khayesi


Darlynne (Dasha) Khayesi graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2022, with a major in Applied Developmental Psychology and a minor in Communications Studies as well as Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies. She will be the first generation in her family to complete a bachelor’s degree. She hopes to go on to work in the counseling field with an emphasis on serving immigrant populations. Under the mentorship of Dr. Jillene Seiver, Darlynne's Summer 2021 Research Internship Project explored the mental health of college students and whether those who are immigrants experience higher levels of stress, trauma, and anxiety. For the summer of 2022 she was an intern for Frontier Behavioral Health. She hopes to go attend graduate school in the future.

2021 EWU Faculty Research Mentors: Dr. Jillene Seiver

Research Title: Mental Health Challenges in College Students