Michelle completed a McNair research internship from summer of 2017

We would like congratulate Michelle Abunaja for her hard work well done. She completed a McNair summer 2017 research internship. Her research title was: “Mobile Sensing Of Air Quality Associated with Street Trees”. Great work to Michelle and her mentor Dr. Kerry Brooks.  

New Scholars 2017

PLEASE WELCOME OUR NEW SCHOLARS: Josiah Van Egdom, Monica Villegas, Jaimie Kenney, Arie Gurin, Felix Beltran, Sandra Espinosa, Mario Aguilar, Laurisa Ankley, Ereisa G. Morales-López, Kimberly Jones, Kim Jones, Christina Ramelow, Travis Stephens, Michelle Abunaja, Loni Taber, Elvin Cabrera, Shawn Stratte. Ewu Trio McNair Scholar