Alumni Spotlight- Damony Anderson

Damony Anderson graduated from Eastern this past June and currently finds himself well into his first semester as a graduate student at Seattle University, here is what Damony has to say about his experience with EWU McNair Scholar Program:

Participating in the Eastern Washington University Trio McNair Scholar Program has not only prepared me for success the graduate program of my choice but has also has prepared me for the real world. I’ve spent many hours in the lab touching up personal statements, writing abstracts, doing research, applying to graduate programs, and making my resume and CV flawless. The McNair staff, Dr. Torres Garcia, Cynthia Dukich and George Moreno, were great coaches and mentors. They literally prepared us with everything we needed to know going into graduate school.

Looking back McNair was so much more, there were so many things I learned indirectly and so many lessons in between the lines. Putting in hours in the lab allowed me to establish a strong bond and network with my cohort. We’d spend big chunks of time supporting and helping each other, we were around each other enough to see failures as well as accomplishments, and lastly but most importantly, we created a competitive that resulted in social facilitation which made each of us better students.

I remember one time in particular my cohort and I were in the lab late night and a colleague had received some bad news and another scholar quoted a line from Lilo and Stitch saying “Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind…” It was times like this when I appreciated McNair the most. We always had each other’s back, we were willing to uplift each other when it seemed as if our own personal world was coming to an end. We experienced life together and assisted each other in growing up to become great men and women. I love McNair and everything it has done to change my life for the better.


Signed, Mony.

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Thanks for your kind words Damony and best of luck!

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