Planned Ignoring

Planned ignoring can be used when a child is off task and it is believed at the time that they may be able to correct their behavior themselves. It is helpful as a conscious first response to a slightly distracting situation that another response may draw more attention to.

Classroom Scavenger Hunt

The Classroom Scavenger Hunt is an activity for the first days of school instruction, used for reviewing classroom expectations, procedures and the location of classroom materials. How this is an effective tool is because it reinforces classroom rules and procedures while making students feel confident and successful in their new classroom.

Inside-Outside Circle

During this strategy, students form two different circles: half of the group stands in a circle facing outward while the other half forms a circle around them facing inward, rotating whenever the teacher cues. Students in either circle have quick, one on one exchanges with different students in a short amount of time, which is good for trading tips, examples and information.

Yacker Tracker

The Yacker Tracker looks like a stop light with green, yellow, and red lights to measure noise level in the classroom. This device is great for helping students maintain an appropriate level of noise during different tasks throughout the school day. When the classroom begins to get too loud, the tracker will flash red and begin buzzing to alert students that their noise level needs to be adjusted.

Teacher Voice

Although it is often easy to get frustrated when attempting to redirect students that have gotten off task, it is important to remember that raising one’s voice or losing one’s composure is unlikely to help make the corrective process a positive experience. By staying calm and using a quiet tone of voice, redirection can be accomplished in a more constructive manner.