Building a Classroom Discussion Community

With this tool it’s something that you would be using at the start of the year. Taking time through out the first week to get to know your students and getting your students to get used to talking and sharing their ideas with each other. Getting them used to how it is you are hoping to be running a discussion based classroom. This will be helpful on trying to get the students to be used to sharing their ideas and listening to those ideas from all of their classmates.

Music for Volume

Music for volume is helpful for classes of all ages and I think can help productivity. When using this tool it is best to use instrumental music at a quieter volume but audible to the class. When the class gets too loud, you can refer to the music and if they can’t hear it that means it’s too loud in the classroom.


When students have a minor disagreement on the playground or in class, instead of getting the teacher involved they are able to play rock-paper-scissors to solve the dilemma. This is good for things like who gets the ball in tetherball, who gets the spot in line, and minor disagreements they might come upon