“I’m so proud of you” stamp

Student Contributor: E. Rosenau
“I’m so proud of you” stamp is a tool that can be used during the supportive phase to actively encourage student’s efforts and participation. One awesome way to do this is by customizing the stamp to say the teachers name, i.e; “Mrs. K is so proud of you!”

This tool should be used during instruction or while students are actively working on an activity. A stamp sheet can be used so students can collect stamps. This is not a reward system- rather a way to document the teacher’s appreciation for student’s practicing positive behaviors while they are in the classroom. I personally use this stamp in my classroom which has increased positive behaviors in student interactions and has drawn students closer to me as well. I love being able to recognize them in a way that can be done on a consistent basis.

This tool fits in the supportive stage because it is used throughout the lesson or group/individual work time. On the authority base continuum this fits on the teacher directed side. Teachers are the ones who are recognize positive efforts on a daily basis and provide the stamp to the students.

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