Group Points/Compliments

Student Contributor: A. Williams
When you notice groups of students staying on task or not you can add or remove points. If they reach a certain amount they get a small celebration reward.

-teams of 4 are optimal because it’s two partnerships. Also, it’s small enough where everyone is accountable, but big enough that there’s not too much pressure on any one student.

-the teams have their desks together and sit together when other grouping is not in place.

-teams work together to earn points.

-the points are recorded on the board or on a chart so everyone can see them .

-only the teacher can award team points. However, I can invite another teacher to give their opinion on which team/s have earned points. This keeps other teachers from completely taking over your own system, but allows for some continuity.

-the team with the most points at the end wins a prize. If it’s really close, I might award two teams. Or, if one team staged a huge comeback, I sometimes reward them for turning the ship around.

-immediately after the winners have been named, move the students into new teams.

-the winning team is responsible for erasing all of the previous points from the chart. That way, it’s ready for a fresh start.

I believe this is a supportive stage strategy. I am rewarding points to encourage positive behaviors and showing what behaviors don't receive points nonverbally. I think this fits with the theory of Collaborative & Teacher Directed but leans more towards teacher directed. The teacher with some collaboration with students and other teachers, give out the points to the teams.

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