Classroom Store

Student Contributor: R. Ruff
This tool is rewarding students for positive behaviors throughout the months. They get “paid” with points for exceptional choices and can use their points to buy stuff from the end of month store. This helps prevent negative behaviors and encourages students to make good choices.

The class store is used at the end of each month where students can use the points they earned to buy prizes based off of their earnings. This supports students’ positive behavior and also gives them a realistic idea of how earning money, saving money and spending money looks like. This tool is great for the older kids because they are able to earn how to manage money and spending in a classroom environment. This also prevents negative behavior and encourages students to make choices that will be noticed and appreciated. This tool is only used once a month for students to look forward to and work toward a goal that allows them to participate.

This tool falls under the preventative phase because it prevents worsening behavior with the goal to earn points. Students are less likely to make poor decisions because they know it will not help them get closer to earning enough points to buy something from the store. This connects to the corrective phase as well because it gives students the opportunity to fix their behavior for the earning of points. This also could go under the supportive phase because the teacher is supporting good behavior and rewarding those who have earned a prize.

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Tool Source: Tim O'Halloran

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