FYS Course Proposal Form

The First Year Seminar (FYS) is an exciting opportunity to teach content that motivates you and that will engage your students, as well as the College Success Skills that your students need to survive—and thrive—at EWU. Your involvement as an FYS Faculty is greatly appreciated by the General Education Program and EWU as a whole. Thank You.

 FYS Course Approval for Academic year 2023-2024:

  1. FYS courses are 5-credits each.
  2. We are focusing on Fall quarter for a bulk of the FYS courses to introduce first time students to the opportunities in their general interest area and inclusion to the EWU community.
  3. Complete this “proposal” form by March 1st, 2023. Feel free to email Krisztian Magori at kmagori@ewu.edu. The proposals will then be brought to the General Education Committee for approval.

The following form will help GEC approve your course and to help communicate your class to students, faculty, and advisors… as well as to help plan for next year. Students will be advised to select the First Year Seminar class most matching their general interest area.

FYS Submission Form

Fill this form out to submit your FYS for approval.

  • This should be between 0 and 5 credits.
  • Please detail the impact of the general interest area this course focuses on, and the professional and academic skills required to achieve that impact that the students will learn in the class
  • Provide examples for the opportunities the faculty member will provide or facilitate on or off campus for students in the class to get involved in the impact identified above, connecting freshmen to specific disciplines or career opportunities
  • Identify hands-on, experiential and/or service or community-based learning activities that will comprise a substantial part of classroom experience, and how those activities will allow students to evaluate their experience and aptitude in the specific interest area
  • Please explain how you estimated the average cost per student for the activities
  • Identify how faculty will support the development of student study skills, assisted by a PLUS tutor, and how they will utilize an undergraduate TA, majoring in the same general interest area, to support classroom instruction and activities, incorporating peer mentoring
  • We’ll continue the Learning Community of the First Year Seminar faculty during Spring quarter to learn from the previous cohort of faculty. Specific times will be coordinated between faculty selected to teach in AY 24-25.
  • By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you will participate in the assessment of your First Year Seminar by incorporating the General Education Student Learning Outcomes Rubric in Canvas to an appropriate assignment, and that you will incorporate a reflective essay as an assignment into the class, so we can get feedback from the students in terms of the impact of the course on their experience.