First Year Seminars

The mission of First Year Seminars at EWU is to support students in making a successful transition from high school into higher education through intentional conscious decisions about their academic pathway forward.

Things that you can expect from a First Year Seminar:

  • Hands-on, experiential and/or service or community-based learning activities
  • Introduction to an interest area before taking major/discipline related courses
  • Development of study skills you will need for college
  • Building connections with faculty and students interested in the same area as you

First Year Seminars will also fulfill one of your Breadth Area Core Requirements (BACR) for graduation! ITGS 110 counts for a Humanities and Arts BACR. ITGS 120 counts for a Natural Science BACR. ITGS 130 counts for a Social Science BACR.

Fall 2023 First Year Seminar Course Offerings