Course Criteria

The following criteria for the EWU General Education Program (GE) Courses were created in a series of brown bag meetings that all EWU faculty were invited to attend. Courses approved for the breadth areas listed below must address all of the area-specific criteria. Additionally, approved Breadth Area courses must address selected General Education Program Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs): Information Literacy, Analytical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Written Communication, and Quantitative Literacy. The GE SLOs will be used for assessing General Education, while the following criteria are geared toward course development and course approval. Each course in the following groups should address all of the criteria in that group.

GE at EWU is designed to be a strong, innovative, and cohesive program that engages students in disciplinary ways of thinking while learning content and theories. We recognize that students build these ways of thinking while learning from faculty who are experts and researchers in their fields, both in traditional disciplines and in interdisciplinary coursework.


Prerequisites for Breadth Area Courses (BACRs) should be general in nature, such as pre-university required courses or GE courses in writing competency, writing proficiency, or quantitative literacy. General education courses may not require admission to a program as a requirement. In general, Diversity and Global Studies courses should only have competencies, proficiencies or BACRs as prerequisites. Diversity and Global Studies courses may not require admission to a program as a prerequisite.

Breadth Area Course Criteria

Additional Course Criteria