Mentoring Faculty Fellows

Dr. Lisa Bilich

Prof. Billich

Lisa Bilich ( is a Full Professor in the Dental Hygiene Department. She started at EWU in 2002 as a part-time clinical instructor and was hired in 2006 in a tenure track position. She is an EWU alumnus, graduating in 1989 with a BSDH. Professor Bilich earned her MSEd in Adult and Development Learning from the University of Idaho in 2006. She went on to clinical practice in Oregon for 12 years before coming back to the area. She has taught clinical, Periodontology, Pain Management, Business and Practice Management and several graduate courses in Dental Hygiene. She served as Department Chair of the Dental Hygiene program from 2019-2022.  On a personal note she loves gardening, kayaking, swimming and being outside. She counts her dog as her child.

She is here to help with:

  • Specialized Accreditation-Accreditation site visitor
  • Leadership roles-Department Chair, Faculty Senator, Clinical Lead Instructor
  • Active Learning Strategies
  • Calibration of clinical/lab faculty
  • Program management
  • Budgeting
  • FAP’s, workload questions
  • Difficult student issues

LF Matos at EWU (

Just like students, faculty need support, a sense of purpose, and belonging to be happy and successful. It will be my honor to draw on my experiences at EWU in mentoring junior faculty to help them be successful and happy in their careers at EWU.

  • Moving from quarterly faculty to tenure track
  • Preparing tenure packets
  • Revising or developing curriculum and programs
  • Research and scholarship.
  • Mentoring graduate and undergraduate students in research
  • Service on councils and committees
  • Engaging with local industry
  • Academic Advising

LF Matos Bio

I love my job (minus the grading) and I am happy in it. EWU is a place where someone who cares about teaching and about people can make a real difference. I have been a positive force in my student’s lives both in the classroom and in my research lab (some evidence).

I was born on Pico Island.  Pico is part of the Azores archipelago, which belongs to Portugal.  When I was thirteen my family immigrated to the United States. Like most people who immigrated from the Azores to California, my brothers and father got jobs in dairies and I spent the next few years living and working part-time at various dairies.  After high school, I got a full-time job (60 hours per week) milking cows at a very nice dairy in Modesto, CA.  While working, I attended Modesto Junior College (MJC) part-time, and after three years I transferred to California State University Stanislaus where I studied for three more years to earn my BS degree in Biology. Subsequently, I earned my MS at Washington State University and my Ph.D. at the University of Florida.

I am Married to “the other Dr. Matos” (as the students refer to each of us when speaking to the other) and we have one son. When I am not working, I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, wood and metalworking, and watching sporting events (in person or on TV).

Dr. Luis Matos

Prof. Matos

Dr. Kristyne Wiegand

Prof. Wieganc

Originally from northwestern Pennsylvania, Kristyne’s background is in sports medicine, and she earned her undergraduate degree in Athletic Training from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. She worked clinically for two years as an athletic trainer at a major aerospace company before pursuing her MS and Ph.D. in Kinesiology with a focus in Biomechanics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her research interests include gait mechanics, overuse running injuries, and footwear. During her graduate degree, Kristyne was involved in the Graduate and Professional Association and mentored graduate and undergraduate students in research and scholarship. In her first faculty position, Kristyne participated in several mentoring programs as a mentee, and became involved in national professional organizations in a mentor role. In her role at EWU, Kristyne has maintained a scholarship line while building new classes and involving students in grant-funded research. Outside of work she enjoys hiking, camping, creating art, attending concerts, sleeping in, and spending time with her partner Micah and their pets.

Mentoring strengths:

  • Early academic career navigation
  • Establishing and recognizing support systems for newer faculty members
  • Meeting scholarship demands in a teaching-intensive position
  • Involving students in research and professional networking opportunities
  • Maintaining work-life balance