How to find and join a club

I’ve been working a little on doing more things this year than in the past. I'm busy pretty much all the time, but I did find a couple hours a week I could spend on learning something fun.

I joined Archery Club because I figured I'd be able to meet people who actually knew what they were doing.

But why even join a club?

Once you pick out a major and stop taking general classes, you end up spending most of your time with people in your major. That's great because you'll meet people with the same interests and hobbies that you have. Sometimes, though, it's cool to meet different people and start building friendships outside the people you come into contact with daily.

Clubs can help you meet new people, make friends, and enjoy a hobby you might not have known about before!

How to get Started

Did you know that clubs usually have their own Facebook pages? It’s super easy to send them a message through Facebook to ask any questions you have. I’ve been interested in archery for a while but I never shot a bow because I’m left eye dominant (yes, that’s a thing) and would have to shoot left handed. I asked a few questions and found that they have left handed bows!

archery club request form

If you want to skip a step and just sign up, most clubs at EWU are listed in EagleSync, our club database. I was able to sign up, write a bit about why I wanted to join, and get into the club without having to call around or open an ancient puzzle box only available from the library on a full moon.

One thing that I noticed: not all clubs are listed. There are a few “secret” clubs out there, mostly clubs belonging to specific departments. Professors usually know about these clubs, so it’s usually a safe bet to ask them if there are any clubs related to your major or interests.

So what’s next?

Most clubs on EagleSync will send out notifications for club meetings and events. You can apply through the database and once you’re in the club, you’ll be free to RSVP for meetings and let the club president know what meetings you’ll be attending. We all have busy schedules, especially near the end of the quarter, so don’t feel forced to go to every meeting if you have too much homework.

I wouldn’t have expected to enjoy a club as much as I enjoy Archery Club. Clubs might not be your thing but like me, you won’t really know until you try it yourself.

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