Closing the freshman application May 15

EWU has received a record number of applications for Fall 2012, and to keep class sizes small, we’re closing the freshman application May 15.

If you will be applying for admission as a freshman, you need to submit your application before May 15. You still have time!

The application for transfer students and international students is still open.

How do we feel about closing the application?

Awesome. This is the fourth straight year of record growth at Eastern. With close proximity to jobs and internships in Spokane, it’s easy to identify the value of a academically rigorous school that also has the state’s lowest tuition. Compared to other state universities, students can save nearly $5,000 on total costs and fees every year at EWU, and that’s pretty impressive. You can buy a lot ramen with that kind of savings.

We pride ourselves on providing access to higher education for as many students as possible, and we wish we could offer every interested student the opportunity to pursue a four-year degree. Yet it’s important for us to keep class sizes small, too, and to continue to provide the exceptional value and learning experience that students have come to expect from EWU.



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