Respondent Rights


You have the right to...

  • A notice of investigation with the list of allegation(s).  You will also be provided the opportunity to review and respond to any evidence or statements made against you.
  • Review the investigative report at the conclusion of the investigation. You may be provided a copy of the investigative report or you may request a copy of the investigative report if it was not provided to you.
  • You will have the right to select one advisor to support you throughout the entire process. The support person can be a friend, family member, attorney or advocate. If you do not have an advisor, the university will provide you with one for purposes of conducting questioning during the hearing.
  • Receive support from the University in obtaining counseling or other support, including access to Eastern Washington University Counseling and Wellness Services (CWS) who provides free confidential counseling for students
  • Be aided by the University, with supportive measures as appropriate, in obtaining a learning and working environment that is safe and secure
  • Be informed of the nature, rules and procedures of the University's investigatory and disciplinary processes and to be provided copies of applicable university policies and procedures
  • Be treated with respect by University officials throughout the process
  • Request removal of any investigator or hearings examiner to be removed on the basis of bias and/or conflict of interest
  • Have the opportunity to participate in the process
  • Be informed of the outcome/resolution of the complaint, any sanctions imposed, and the rationale for outcome, when permissible
  • Appeal the findings and/or outcomes of any disciplinary proceedings pursuant to the Student Conduct Code when respondent is a student, and pursuant to applicable CBA provisions or EWU Policy 402-05 (Title IX Investigations & Hearings) when the respondent is an employee

Supportive Measures

Once you receive a notice of investigation alleging sexual misconduct, you have the right to receive immediate supportive measures. The supportive measures can include academic modifications (request a class change, request a make-up assignment, request an excused absence) or a housing modifications (request dorm change).

Right to a Fair, Impartial and Prompt Investigation

You have the right to have a fair and impartial investigation free from bias. An investigator / conduct officer will be assigned to investigate / manage your complaint. The investigator / conduct officer will ensure you are provided equal and unbias treatment throughout the process. The investigation should be prompt and conducted in compliance with policy.

Navigating the Process - Student
Navigating the Process - Employee