Education & Prevention

EWU offers both online and in-person Title IX training. Links to the online training are provided below.

Live Training for EWU Employees

Training is available in Tawanka 215 on the following dates and times:

Tuesday, November 7th from 9:00-12:00 (the first hour covers Title IX)

Live virtual trainings are available via Zoom on the following dates and times:

Wednesday, October 18th from 1:00-4:00 (the first hour covers Title IX):

Title IX Training Materials

November 29, 2023 – Refresher Training for Student Disciplinary Council & Title IX Advisors

May 31, 2022 – Title IX Advisor Refresher Training

August 20, 2020 – Training for Student Disciplinary Council, Title IX Hearing Boards, & Title IX Advisors

Training Completed by EWU Title IX Team Members

Links to materials used in Title IX training completed by EWU Title IX team members. This information is provided per 34 CFR Part 106.45(b)(10) of the 2020 Title IX Regulations.

2023 The Inextricably Intertwined Travails of Title IX: A Survey of Hot Topics – NACUA (Handout)

2023 Threat Assessment in Practice: Current Challenges and Opportunities – NACUA (Handout)

2023 In the Meantime: What to Do While You’re Waiting for the Final Title IX Regs – NACUA (Handout)

2023 Anatomy of an OCR Investigation – NACUA Workshop (Handout)

2023 Employee Speech and Religious Freedom – Husch-Blackwell (Presentation)

2023 Common Clery ASR Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – Husch-Blackwell (Presentation)

2023 Title IX and Athletic Opportunities in Colleges and Universities – Dept of Education (Handout)

2023 Federal Compliance Update: Changes Expected in 2023 – Husch-Blackwell (Presentation)

2022 Lessons Learned from the Courtroom: Employment Litigation Challenges and Opportunities – NACUA (Handout)

2022 Washington’s New Protection Order Law: Understanding RCW 7.105 (Webinar)

2022 Using Past Clery Findings to Avoid Future Compliance Issues – Husch-Blackwell (Presentation)

2022 The Law of Religious Liberty and Higher Education – Husch-Blackwell (Presentation)

2022 New Revisions to the “Final” Title IX Regulations: Anticipating the NPRM Pendulum Swing – NACUA (Presentation)

2022 The Crystal Ball Says…?!?!? Trends and Challenges Ahead in Employment Litigation – NACUA (Handout)

2021 The Right to Play: Transgender Athletes & Equal Protection – Gonzaga Civil Rights Center (Webinar)

2021 Pregnancy Discrimination: Legal Requirements and Practical Guidance – Husch-Blackwell (Presentation)

2021 Leveling the Playing Field: Sex, Race, LGBTQA+, and Pay Equity – NACUA (Presentation) (Handout)

2021 Diversity in the Face of Adversity: Managing Legal Risks of Affirmative Diversity Efforts – NACUA (Handout)

2021 Lessons Learned: DO’s, DON’Ts, and Tips for Navigating the World of Title IX Litigation – NACUA (Handout)

2021 Title IX Update: Where Are We Now, What Have We Learned, and Where Are We Going? – NACUA (Presentation) (Handout)

2020 Foresight Through Hindsight: Expert Advice on the New Title IX Regulations – NACUA (Presentation) (Handout)

Final Title IX Regulations and Their Effect on Your Campus – Husch-Blackwell (Presentation)

Initial Overview of and Response to the New Regulations and Members Only Q&A – ATIXA (Link to ATIXA Materials)

Keeping Focus: Reviewing Clery Act Requirements in Light of New Title IX Regulations – SUNY Student Conduct Institute (Link to SUNY Webex)

NACUA Title IX Briefing  with US DOE – NACUA (Title IX Final Regulations Chart)

Summary of Major Provisions of the Department of Education’s Title IX Final Rule (Handout)

Ten Things to Know About the New Title IX Regulations – ATIXA (Link to ATIXA Materials)

The Impact of Title IX Regulations on Faculty and Employees – Husch-Blackwell (Presentation)

Title IX Final Rule Released: What You Need to Know Now – CUPA-HR (Presentation)

Title IX of the Amendments of 1972: 2020 Regulation – ASCA (White Paper)

Title IX: The Department of Education’s Final Rule on Sexual Harassment – NACUA (Overview)

U.S. Department of Education Title IX Final Rule Overview (Handout)

Advanced Sexual Misconduct Track – ASCA (Handout)

Dating and Domestic Violence in the Age of COVID-19 (Link to Clery Center Presentation)

Title IX Coordinator Training Online Course – Class One: Definitions, Jurisdiction and Preliminary Matters – NACUA (Presentation)

Title IX Coordinator Training Online Course – Class Two: Conducting a Title IX Investigation – NACUA (Presentation)

Title IX Coordinator Training Online Course – Class Three: The Grievance Process – Hearings & Appeals – NACUA (Presentation)

Title IX Coordinator Training Online Course – Live Seminar – NACUA (_____________________)

Title IX Coordinator Training Online Course: Fundamentals of the August 2020 Regulatory Requirements Module 1: Jurisdiction and Other Threshold Topics – NACUA (Presentation)

Title IX Coordinator Training Online Course: Fundamentals of the August 2020 Regulatory Requirements.  Module 2: Formal Complaints, Investigations & Grievance Procedures – NACUA (Presentation) (Resources List)

Title IX Coordinator Training Online Course: Fundamentals of the August 2020 Regulatory Requirements Module 3: Policy and Training Obligations – NACUA (Presentation)

End the Violence Conference, Feb 2024 – Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition (SRDVC) (

  • Americas History and Legacy of Violence
  • Recantation and Domestic Violence: The Untold Story
  • The 5-Stage Model of Recantation
  • ERPO, Extreme Risk Protection Orders
  • Murder in Slow Motion
  • A Trauma Informed Lens
  • The intersection of gender-based violence and brain injury
  • Missing and Murdered Indigenous People (MMIP) Crisis
  • IPV and Firearms: A Summary of the Research and How we can Harness It
  • Updates on legislation in Washington State

SAMHSAs Concept of Trauma and Guidance for a Trauma-Informed Approach – SAMHSA (Handout)

Trauma Informed Practices – ASCA (Presentation)

Trauma Sensitive Schools – National Center of Safe Supportive Learning Environments (Handout)

Understanding Trauma – ASCA (Presentation)

Vicarious Trauma – ASCA (Presentation)

Vicarious Trauma Fact Sheet – American Counseling Association (Handout)

A call for restorative justice in higher education judicial affairs – College Student Journal (Journal Article)

Accountability in a Time of Justice (Article)

Implementing Restorative Justice as a Step Toward Racial Equity in School Discipline – Teachers College Record (Journal Article)

Incorporating Principles of Conflict Resolution and Social Justice into Formal Student Conduct Code Pathways (Journal Article)

Integrating social justice-based conflict resolution into higher education settings: Faculty, staff, and student professional development through mediation training – Conflict Resolution Quarterly (Journal Article)

Restorative Justice from Theory to Practice (Journal Article)

Bystander Intervention

If you see something wrong you can make a difference with bystander intervention. Don’t sit back and do nothing, intervene and help prevent something from happening.

It is often confusing or difficult to get involved when you witness something. This video illustrates various ways to help prevent sexual misconduct from occurring: 

Requests for in person Title IX training

Any EWU community member can request in-person Title IX training for their group or department. The training would be presented by the Title IX Coordinator. The training would discuss the types of conduct covered under Title IX along with examples, reporting options including mandatory reporting by EWU employees, explain the complaint/investigative process, the resources and interim measures available to you, the applicable policies, the potential sanctions for violations and bystander intervention. If you would like to request an in-person training session please contact Title IX Coordinator Annika Scharosch.

Tawanka 211 | P: 509-359-6724  | E: