Holidays and Religious Accommodations

By completing and submitting this form, an EWU student:

  • Is officially requesting a religious accommodation for a class or program under EWU’s Holidays & Religious Accommodations policy,
  • Acknowledges they have read EWU’s Holidays & Religious Accommodations policy, including information about when a religious accommodation may be requested and EWU’s grievance procedure,
  • Understands this request must be submitted within the first two weeks of the beginning of a course,
  • Acknowledges EWU does not need to know the student’s religious faith or affiliation in order to complete the request process and trusts the student’s reason for requesting an accommodation is for reasons of faith or conscience,
  • Agrees to arrange the details of the accommodations directly with the instructor if the request is approved by the Dean of Students’ Office,
  • Understands they are still expected to meet all of the requirements of the course,
  • Acknowledges that this request must be approved by the Dean of Students’ Office and the accommodations themselves must be reviewed and coordinated with the instructor, and,
  • Understands that if the request is denied, they have the right to file a grievance with the Director of Equal Opportunity.


  • A student must submit an individual request for each course in which accommodations are being requested. For example, if a student needs to miss class on a Monday, a separate request must be submitted for each class scheduled to occur on that Monday.
  • Once completed, the form will be submitted to the Dean of Students’ Office.
  • The Dean of Students’ Office (DOS) will review the form. The DOS will then:
    • Review the requested dates and, if reasonable, notify the student and the instructor that the request has been approved by sending an email to their EWU email account.
    • If the dates and/or the accommodation request is not reasonable or the student has failed to provide necessary information, the DOS will notify the student by sending an email to their EWU email.
    • Once the student and instructor have received notice that a request has been approved by DOS, the student will request to meet with their instructor to discuss the particular accommodations needed.

Examples of reasonable accommodations

  • Rescheduling of an exam due to a conflict with a religious observation on a particular date
  • Ability to turn in a paper early if the date the paper is due conflicts with a religious observance
  • Request to take an exam one hour after sunset on the same day as the scheduled exam

Religious Accommodation Request Form

  • Please enter a number from 00000001 to 99999999
  • Without disclosing your particular religious belief or affiliation, please be very specific about what the nature of your accommodation request is.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY