Camp Activities

Daily Schedule

Every day at Satori is full of fun, meaningful activities such as classes, dances, games, and more!

View our daily schedule to get an idea of what you'll be doing and when.

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Class List

Each day at Satori, you will have the opportunity to participate in three exciting classes that can cover a wide array of topics.

View our Class List to see which classes are offered, when they are offered, and learn more about the curriculum.

Student Advisory Council (SAC)

Would you like to share your ideas to help further develop the idea of "Satori"? The SAC might be just the thing for you!

Visit our Student Advisory Council page for eligibility and application info.

Counselors in Training (CIT)

Would you like to return to Satori as a counselor after graduation? You can do so through the CIT program.

Visit our Counselors in Training page to learn about eligibility and the CIT application.