2024 Class List

Morning Session (8:10 am – 10 am)

What makes a good reporter? What is newsworthy? How can I be sure what I read is true? What in the world is a lede? Learn the basics of news writing and reporting ethics while creating a camp archive for web and print. As a Harold reporter, you will be responsible for documenting memorable camp highlights in a daily newspaper distributed to the camp and preserved online, all while learning what makes news, news. Be the eyes, ears, and voice of Satori 2024! 

Course restrictions: Must be a returning Satori camper; high school students only. 

Midday Session (10:30 am – 12:20 pm)

Delve into the art of creating Zines; self-published booklets or magazines for self-expression through writing, art, and collage. You will develop skills in storytelling, illustration, and design, while crafting personalized Zines on whatever topic you’re currently obsessed with or want to share information about. At the end of the week, we’ll make copies of our zines and trade them with others in the class so you can go home with an inspiring collection of Zines.

Afternoon Session (1:10 pm – 3 pm)

Clean energy solutions are needed all over the world as energy demands increase and we continue to understand how the use of fossil fuels affects the world we live in. Fuel cells and hydrogen are one way that these energy needs can be met without harmful byproducts. In this class you will learn about hydrogen production, storage and transportation, and how fuel cells use hydrogen to produce electricity. During the week you will have the opportunity to see a functional fuel cell system and the components that make it work.