2022 Class List

Morning Session (8:10 am – 10 am)

One of the most pressing issues of today is the need for clean energy solutions to halt global climate change and curb the use of limited fossil fuels.  Fuel cells are a technology that can be adapted to meet the wide variety of applications, but what does the design process actually entail?  What do designers need to consider in order to make a robust product that actually works? How do fuel cells actually work? This class will look at the steps taken to design fuel cell systems to meet the needs of customers. By the end of the class, you’ll have a greater appreciation for the design process and what it takes to create a fuel cell.

Midday Session (10:30 am – 12:20 pm)

It is estimated that 34% of the world’s population (2.69 billion people) play video games. However, the equity and quality of experiences for gamers can vary drastically depending on many factors. One such factor, disability, will be our subject as we explore what it is and how it impacts players of console, mobile, and PC games. We will study key concepts around inclusive design and representation. We’ll investigate assistive software and hardware tech utilized by those with disabilities, and the types of affordances and design decisions developers can include in their games to make them as accessible as possible.

Afternoon Session (1:10 pm – 3 pm)

Vertebrate life is highly diverse, but there are many shared features that highlight its common origin. In this crash course on anatomy and physiology, you will explore mechanisms of physiological processes as well as compare the anatomy of multiple vertebrae species. This course will involve examination of anatomical structures at multiple levels and an opportunity for you to get your hands on (and inside) a variety of vertebrate species.