Meet the Academic Coaches

Academic CoachNameAbout Your Coach
Jasmine K. Major:
Master of Social Work
MA in Addiction Studies

Video Games  and Dungeons and Dragons

Fun Fact:
Penguins don’t have teeth. Their mouths are a bit scary-looking!

Study Tip:
Distributed Practice, AKA the art of not cramming to better remember information!
Brady D.

Joseph G.

Lilah K.

Tim K.

Chris N.Major:
Data Science

Programming – I’m currently working on something called a Ray Casting Engine.

Fun Fact:
I have that is somewhat related to my studies is that Autotune was originally developed as a tool for analyzing seismic data from oil exploration sites underwater!

Study Tip:
Pomodoro technique to break up my study sessions into short intervals with breaks in between. This helps me study harder and much longer without feeling burnt out!
Sarah S.