EWU walkway in the fall

Parking Permits

***General Sale for annual permits will start Monday June 3rd. Fall Qtr permits will be available Friday August 2nd. SIERR only  permits valid July 1-June 30 annually***

Student Parking Health Peninsula (SIERR)

Monthly parking permits are available for purchase for $50.00 a month plus tax.To sign up for monthly parking please go to- https://rpnw.com/locations/spokane/  The lot location name is 82-87 Health Peninsula.With any questions they may have they can leave a message on our voicemail at 509-755-7598 or they can email spoadmin@reefparking.com

Permit Prices for 24'-25'

Annual Permits (Faculty & Staff Catalyst, SIERR permit information below)

 Quarter Permits

Catalyst Transportation Info Here

Lot Numbers

Lot Numbers                 Pretax          Tax           Cost

Core Lots (1,3,5,9,15)     $482.01      $42.99      $525.00

Catalyst & SIERR Lots    $482.01      $42.99      $525.00

Common Lots (6,7,17)   $362.72      $32.28      $395.00

Fringe Lots                      $243.34      $21.66      $265.00


Lot Numbers

Lot Numbers                    Pretax          Tax           Cost

Core Lots (1,3,5,9,15)        $183.66        $16.34      $200.00

 Common Lots (6,7,17)     $139.58         $12.42      $152.00

Fringe Lots                          $91.83           $8.17        $100.00


Note: These are the current parking prices that are in effect. Prices are subject to change without notice. Parking and Transportation Services does not guarantee parking permit selection availability.

*Disability Parking Permits allow parking in any disability parking space in any of the lots on campus. For more information on our policy on disability parking, please see Disability Parking Information.

Useful Information

Valid dates for annual and quarterly parking permits.

Log in to the portal to purchase a parking permit online. Also, please remember to use ctrl shift to include all vehicles so they are attached to your permit.

You can log in to your account to update vehicles etc.

Living on campus and need parking? Find out the scoop here.

Not sure what parking lot you need if you are living off campus? This should help. Click on "Parking" to see our permitted parking lots.

**Payroll Deduction ends on 8/5/2024.**

***For the 20 year discount we will adjust the price when the form is submitted. Please go ahead and submit the form even if the price is incorrect.***

Payroll Deduction Information


EWU Faculty, Classified and Administrative Exempt personnel that are employed at 0.50 FTE or greater may choose to pay for annual parking permits through payroll deductions.

Payroll deduction cannot be used for quarterly parking permits.

Did you know if you are an enrolled  student or a faculty/staff member you can ride the bus for free? Your Eagle Card is your free bus pass. Summer maybe different so check with us if you have questions. If you need to know how to ride the bus or need bus route info come see us.