Eastern Washington University engraving in the campus mall

Visitor Parking

Mobile Pay (PayByPhone) is the primary visitor parking on and around campus. Mobile pay stalls can be paid to the maximum limit. Guests, visitors, salesperson, serviceperson, vendor representatives and others doing business with the University may be issued visitor permits allowing them to park in designated lots on campus. A fee may be charged. (1) Parking on the campus will not be provided to persons intending to make personal solicitations from or personal sales to University employees or students. (2) Visitor permits shall not allow the user to park in reserved, disabled spaces. Parking permits may be purchased at Parking Services, 101 Tawanka Hall. Office hours are 8 a.m.- 4:45p.m. Monday-Friday.

Useful Information

Get information on disability parking and disabled parking permits.

You can use the PayByPhone App to pay your parking meter around campus.

Check out the campus map for parking lots and building locations.

Eastern Washington University
Parking and Transportation Services
101 Tawanka Hall
Cheney WA 99004