Becoming an Eagles Partner

Mutually beneficial university-community partnerships are an integral component of the Office of Community Engagement at Eastern Washington University. Students work with nonprofits, government agencies and educational institutions over the course of an academic quarter applying concepts learned in his or her class. As a co-educator, you (the agency) will help students understand the concepts in a real-world context. Support, resources and networking opportunities are provided to Eagle Partners in order to develop sustainable, reciprocal partnerships.

Benefits of Being an Eagle Partner

  • Expand and diversify volunteer and staff pool
  • Students offer fresh perspectives and idealistic solutions to community issues
  • Educate college students on community need and social problems
  • Build a base of possible future volunteers
  • Create a positive relationship with the EWU community
  • Receive free training, resources and support

Interested in becoming an Eagles’ Partner? Here’s how to get started:

  • Tiered Partnerships- The OCE belongs to the Inland Northwest Service-Learning Partnership (INSLP) Board. We are working to create a tiered partnership model that is uniform for all regional higher education institutions. Contact the OCE to discover more about the process of becoming a partner.