EWU McNair Scholar Richard Murphy Accepted to the University of Hawai’i’s PhD in Political Science

Congratulations to EWU McNair Scholar Richard Murphy who's been accepted into the University of Hawai'i's PhD in Political Science!

From University of Hawai'i's Political Science PhD page:

The program is an intellectual environment that seeks students with previously demonstrated abilities to develop further the creative and analytical skills necessary for thinking critically, conducting research, and providing original scholarship. The program is a fertile environment for students who bring a wide variety of backgrounds to the study of politics and who have the competence to initiate investigations and work independently.

Richard Murphy is an undergraduate student at Eastern Washington University. His three declared majors are Philosophy, Political Science, and International Affairs with an emphasis on Global Socio-Economic Development. Richard is also pursuing a minor in Spanish. In 2023, under the mentorship of Professor Tom Hawley, PhD, Richard continued his ongoing research from 2022 on the phenomena of societal internalization of Neoliberalism, and the societal consequences of establishing competitive markets in historically non-marketed realms of our lives. By moving around a lot as a youth, living in urban, suburban, and rural communities in the Pacific Northwest, Richard understands and appreciates the necessity for a pluralistic chorus of voices and perspectives in the discussions for any sort of overarching policy decisions. As the Vice President of the Philosophy Club and the new President of the International Affairs Community at EWU, Richard recognizes the utility of taking interdisciplinary approaches to our most sophisticated and pressing issues of the 21st Century. We know Richard's integrative contextualization and dedication to rigorous and honest analysis of systems at play will propel any program and our future societal conversations.