EWU McNair Scholar Alejandro Torres-Gonzalez Accepted to Eastern Washington University Master of Science in Biology

Congratulations to EWU McNair Scholar Alejandro Torres-Gonzalez! Alejandro has been accepted to Eastern Washington University's Master of Science in Biology with funding. Eastern Washington University's MS in Biology embeds teaching experience into the curriculum, and culminates in an oral thesis defense.

Describing their program, the MS in Biology faculty explain:

The department emphasizes research as a basic component of graduate study. A variety of research specialties are available within the department, including aquatic and riparian ecology, fisheries biology, embryology, physiology, exercise physiology, wildlife biology, mycology, plant ecology, microbiology and immunology.

Alejandro Torres will graduate this spring with his Bachelor's degree in Biology. In January 2023, Alejandro was selected as an EWU McNair Scholar with the goal to obtain his PhD. His research began in the spring of 2023 with mentor Dr. Justin Bastow focusing on the EWU Restoration project. He focused on observing the effects of ecosystem restoration on insect, and bee, abundance and richness. In the fall of 2022, he was offered the opportunity to volunteer with Dr. Rebecca Brown and Chris Bonsignore of Ducks Unlimited in a day of field research. He worked on delineating transects created at Schlepp Eastmont, ID to record plant species diversity, with the goal of surveying riparian vegetation effected by the overgrowth of Typha species. This research gave him experience working with field equipment such as measuring tapes and waders, he also learned the importance of restoration in mitigating loss of biodiversity. Alejandro hopes his research will help provide more knowledge in insect restoration while providing him with experience for applying to future positions in restoration and conservation organizations. We know Alejandro will bring a rich array of experiential knowledge and passion to whatever program he selects, helping to curate a healthier planet for all of us!