Ian Campuzano


Ian Campuzano will be graduating Eastern Washington University in the Spring of 2023, double majoring in Psychology and Health Psychology. Ian is an active member of the Psi Chi International Honor society. He is interested in cognitive psychology and neuropsychology. For his 2021 McNair Summer Research internship, under the mentorship of Dr. Jillene Seiver, he studied correlation between neuroticism traits and attitudes regarding masking and returning to campus after COVID-19. For his 2022 McNair Summer Research, he joined with Dr. Seiver and a graduate student Nicholas K. Mehrnoosh to assess the association of cognitive abilities in relation to traumatic brain injuries.

Ian graduated from EWU in Spring 2023 with a BA in Psychology and a BS in Health Psychology. He expects to attend Seattle Pacific University's MS in Research Psychology Program.

2022 EWU Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Jillene Seiver

Research Title: Traumatic Brain Injuries and its Association to our Cognitive Abilities

2021 EWU Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Jillene Seiver

Research Title: Returning Back to Campus After COVID-19: Neuroticism and it’s Correlated Attitudes

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