Rollercoaster Brain Break

When students need a brain break, put on a rollercoaster simulation video. Have your students act in their seats like they are on a rollercoaster ride. This is a fun activity that gives your students an engaging but timely brain break that gives them a quick reset so they will be ready to learn.

NOISE Tracker

The NOISE Tracker allows students or teacher to quietly alert the class when our noise level is getting too high. When it gets too loud, a student or the teacher can remove a letter from the end of the word “NOISE” (which will be posted at the front of the class). Once only “N” and “O” are left, a class meeting will be called and consequences will be discussed.


Classroom scouts can be used during whole class or group work activities. Students are randomly selected, or scheduled to be the scouts for the day and are in charge of looking for students who are following classroom expectations. Scouts will have the opportunity to give a shout out to a peer that they think did a good job of following expectations.

Math Tool Kits

Math tool kits can include manipulatives, white boards, markers, number lines, spinners, and various other math tools that can be pulled out during a lesson or group work. Math tool kits make math supplies easily accessible to students and provide the tools needed to represent their work in various ways or can be used for activities.

Busy Box

This tool is used to support students during learning. This old lunch box has a variety of different fidgets and brain flakes to help students focus, calm down, or reset. It is all inside a box that students can grab when needed and easily clean up when they are finished.