Signal Interference

Signal interference is one of those tools that is a non-verbal way to correct your students when they are doing an appropriate behavior within your classroom. This tool does not cause any distractions towards other students and it is meant to only target one or multiple specific students who are having difficulty that need to be corrected. What’s great about the strategy is that peers around them will not be distracted by this corrective tool.

If You Can Hear Me

In a kindergarten classroom, when there are multiple behaviors occurring at once, it can be hard to get the attention of the class and redirect the behaviors. Using an alternative to Simon Says, students follow actions I say, such as “if you can hear me put your hands on your head” and progressively get quieter until I have all students’ attention.

Safe Space

Safe spaces in a classroom consist of allowing students to go and relieve stress, calm down and recharge their emotions before going back to learn. A safe space supports students social-emotional learning by teaching these students to focus on their good emotions and manage their bad emotions.