Think Time

Student Contributor: J. Holien
This is a half sheet paper that a student will fill out when a misbehavior occurs, and then discuss with their teacher. This form should be used when a bigger misbehavior occurs.

This tool should be used when bigger misbehaviors or repeat behaviors occur. Like a time out, it gives the student time to calm down and process the behavior and it has the student and teacher think about what the student can do differently next time. It also asks the student to think about how they will return to the class after the misbehavior occurs. The expectations of this tool should be taught at the beginning of the year, so students know their role and task when the tool is used. This tool works well in my 5th grade class, students know their role with the tool well and it does help the student reflect well on the misbehavior.

This tool is a corrective tool because it is used to correct and reflect on a misbehavior. It is used when bigger misbehaviors occur because it allows time for a student to reflect and think about how they deal with this misbehavior. It also helps the teacher understand the student’s perspective. This tool could connect with the supportive phase because it gives the student some understanding of how they will deal with the misbehavior. This tool aligns with the collaborative and teacher directed theory because it involves a lot of student reflection and input on the misbehavior, but it also requires the teacher to discuss with the student the form and sign off on the information at the bottom.

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