Red-Yellow-Green (Moods)

Student Contributor: beau widner
This is a tool that allows students to better communicate how they’re feeling throughout the day. This helps a teacher get a better understanding of when and how to approach students based on their feelings that day.

The tool should be used to gauge students feeling and well-being during the course of a school day a quick move of clip or magnet to adjust their feelings. In my experience, this helps students to better regulate their emotional well-being and get an understanding of how their feeling so they can better regulate feelings. This in turn can tell peers to maybe be a little bit more supportive or give a classmate a break depending on where they are in the zone. I think this also can help students to better increase their awareness for classmates cause of a substitute teacher this helped me know how to push or sympathize with students in order to keep them on task.

I wanted it more in corrective because it makes students more accountable and escribing their own forms of emotions and being capable of controlling those feelings. This asks students to have commitment and accountability in describing their everyday actions and feelings. They have to make themselves vulnerable to support from peers. Also, this goes both ways in terms of students being open back. I think that zone of regulations can go on either supportive or corrective depending on how you look at it. I like corrective more for my class and future classes dealing with elementary students I want this to hold emphasis on the corrective phase, kind of the last stand where they need to understand how they are acting and how to fix it.

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