EWU Alerts

EWU has a new alert system and mobile app! We encourage you to log into your Rave account at https://www.getrave.com/login/ewu to add your mobile number, personal email address, or the contact information for your family members to your account to receive additional notifications. In some cases, your cell phone or voice number may have already … Read more

2FA Information

2FA is required for all employees and is now available for students. Students will be required to use 2FA starting May 1, 2022. Visit our 2FA information site, https://inside.ewu.edu/2fa/, to learn more about two-factor authentication (2FA) and activate your account. Also check out our knowledge base with FAQs and additional information

Technology for Working Remotely

Faculty, staff, and students can prepare for the possibility of disruptions to class, research, and campus operations due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) by becoming familiar with the technology tools that make it possible to work, study and teach when you can’t get to campus. This guide highlights many tools that can help you teach, … Read more