Student Technology Fee Committee

About Student Technology Fee

The Program:

In 1999, EWU students and administration established a Student Technology Fee to be used “exclusively for technology resources for general student use.” Statute RCW 28B.15.051 allows the University to establish the fee with the agreement of student government. Unlike tuition and other fees, the Student Technology Fee, as directed by statute, is to be spent only on technology for students. State law directs that the annual expenditure plans for the fee be approved by the student government.

The Student Technology Fee (STF) increases the availability of technology resources exclusively for general student use. General use is defined as a technology that may be directly used by any student. Not only does the student benefit from its presence, but they also benefit from its direct use.

The Committee:

The Student Technology Fee Committee requests proposals, evaluates proposals and makes awards that must be approved by the student government as well as the Board of Trustees. A student chairs the committee, and the committee has a student majority of five students to four faculty/staff positions.

The Fee:

The fee costs $40 a quarter, is mandatory and included with tuition. For part-time students, the fee is prorated at $3.50 a credit up to 10 credits. The fee raises about $950,000 per school year of which 3.5% is contributed to financial aid.

Use EWU Technology Responsibly:  EWU Student Conduct Code / Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities