Lecture Capture

Panopto is a lecture capturing tool that can record a camera and a screen allowing for a video to display both the presenter and content. Recordings are saved onto the Panopto server and can be embedded directly into a Canvas course. Panopto also allows for quizzes to be taken while watching the video that can also tie back into your Canvas course.

Web conferencing tool accessed through Canvas or directly from EWU Zoom.

Lecture and desktop capture solution available in Canvas.

Secure video streaming service.

Converting videos and multimedia for use in Canvas.

Webinar Consultations

Webinars can be conducted through Zoom. To set up a consultation about how to organize and mange a webinar, submit a request and we’ll be in contact with you to help you get started.


Captions are an important part of your lecture videos. They assist students and positively impact the learning of the content you are covering in your videos. Captions can be added to your own Panopto videos by applying the automatic captions option.

Captioning services are available for instructional videos used in courses. Use Panopto Recordings in your Canvas course to upload recordings for captioning. To request captioning, please contact instructionaltech@ewu.edu for further details.

Please give 7-10 days lead time for returned captions. Sending requests in batches rather than one at a time is preferred.

Mixed Modality Classrooms

There are several classrooms around campus that are setup to allow for mixed modalities. These classrooms allow you to simultaneously present to the students face to face as well as those students in a remote location through a Zoom meeting.

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